A bit about Scott


IMG_3992“I’ve been cooking professionally since 2009, and have been focusing on vegan food since 2011, when I became vegan myself.  It became clear to me that I enjoyed cooking while working for Boston University Dining Services, and I’ve been seeking to build upon my culinary experiences nonstop since.  Some notable experiences took place at The Pulse Cafe, Peace o’ Pie, Veggie Galaxy, Life Alive, and NU Kitchen.  In addition to cooking and managing kitchens for cafes and restaurants, I enjoy doing menu and operations consulting.  In the past, I was lucky to have an opportunity to open a new small vegan restaurant in Allston called Root. Outside of the restaurant industry, I also cook in peoples’ homes as a personal chef, as well as do pop-ups around Boston, most often with a start-up company called Mobile Cooks.

When not cooking, I spend most of my hours involved with music.  I have been playing guitar since 2003, and enjoy recording music as well as occasionally playing live (schedule permitting!) When not playing music, I am usually researching recording techniques or browsing the used instrument market”

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